Dog   ticks

Dog ticks

Fleas are very itchy and annoying and will primarily cause your dog to scratch. If your dog is allergic to flea saliva, the itch can be insatiable. Too much scratching can lead to skin infections, and fleas on dogs can possibly lead to the spread of various diseases. Fleas can be difficult to detect because they are only about 1-2 mm in length, but there are several ways to check for fleas on your dog including:

  • Looking for red, irritated skin on your dog’s neck, belly or hindquarters
  • Comb your dog’s hair from back to front for a good look at his or her skin. Flea combs are available at pet stores, but really any fine-toothed comb will do
  • The fleas may appear red or brown in color
  • Black specks of debris are likely flea feces commonly called ‘flea dirt’
  • If you see a speck that is moving, it is probably a flea


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